888ladies Bingo Winners

It doesn’t really matter what day of the week you head over to the 888ladies site, you are going to find nonstop Bingo games up and running, and with so many Bingo games in live play they have thousands of winners of these games.

We recently stopped by one Sunday morning to take a look at just how much money was won by the 888ladies winners the previous day, and boy were we impressed by the sheer volume of cash that these lucky players had secured for themselves.

In total on just one Saturday in July an amazing £782,178 was paid out to the lucky winners of the 888ladies Bingo site, and that will give you some idea of just how huge their Bingo site really is.

We found out that the following Bingo players playing at the 888ladies Bingo site on July the 27th 2013 picked up the following big cash prizes just by playing Bingo at 888ladies:

A bingo player won the biggest cash payout of the day and took away a massive £59,407.50, also a bingo player won a not to be sniffed at £19,108.25 and another secured a massive payout which saw this player taking a cool £14,241.08 from the 888ladies Bingo games.

There was also a large slew of players who bagged jackpots worth just short of 10k at the 888ladies Bingo site and these players included one who won £9270.24, another who won £8680.96 and also a player won a very tidy £7017.67.

Some other lucky Bingo winners playing Bingo at the 888ladies site on July the 27th 2013 included a player who bagged a jackpot worth £5989.18, a female player will soon have a spending spree no doubt with the £5988.65 she won and another two big cash winners at the 888ladies Bingo site included someone who won £5617.18 and another who walked away £4775.62 richer!

Why not get yourself over to the 888ladies Bingo site today to see if Lady Luck is going to shine on you, no one knows who is going to be their next big cash winner, however one thing is guaranteed and that is if you do not take part in the 888 Bingo Jackpot games you cannot possibly win one of them!

Remember that you can pre purchase as many Bingo card and Bingo tickets for any up and coming Bingo Jackpot game at the 888ladies site as you want to and as such you do not even need to be online when these huge cash paying games are underway.

For as long as you have pre purchased your Bingo tickets and cards then the 888ladies Bingo software is going to check off each ticket for you and if you win a Bingo game the software even calls Bingo automatically for you and puts your winnings safely into your Bingo account, so the next time you log in it will be sat there waiting for you!