Privacy Policy

As with all online websites we take a careful approach to everyone’s privacy, and as such we are pleased to let you know that when you visit our website you can do so without having to supply any form of personal information, nor at any time do you need to register to access any of the information displayed on our website.

If you need or wish to get in touch with us then you can of course do so at any time, and on the Contact Us section of our website you will find our e-nail addresses, when you send us an e-mail we only use that e-mail address you supplied to reply to any questions you may have.

We do not send out any advertising related e-mails and as such you will never receive any kind of spam or promotional emails of us. Feel free to visit our website at any time as we do regularly update it with more and more relevant information to ensure you are always kept up to date on all things Bingo related, enjoy your visit and we do look forward to seeing you again.